In a world where it seems like every other badge, bag, t-shirt and mug (to name but a few) is reminding us to Keep Calm & Carry On, everyday pressures on everyday folk mean it’s not always easy to follow such sage advice.

A quick trawl of the internet (oh the irony) shows one of the best ways to restore calm in your life is to turn off those electronic devices and get out into the fresh air

In Bedfordshire we are lucky to have a number of natural areas providing a wealth of opportunities to explore the countryside and one such place is Stotfold Nature Reserve.

Nestled comfortably alongside Stotfold Watermill, the Nature Reserve offers a place where you can sit, breathe, listen to the birds and generally take time to switch off from the noise of everyday life and lose yourself in the moment.

As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present so whether you ‘re visiting Bedfordshire and looking for a beautiful place to visit or if you are a local resident in need of a bit of quiet time, look no further than Stotfold Nature Reserve. Come along and amble through wildflower meadows alongside the river and discover a world of natural beauty.

For more details on your visit to Stotfold Nature Reserve visit our website at where you can download a map and find out other information to really enhance your visit with us.