Having spent the week weather watching in anticipation of a wet and wild weekend, what actually transpired was not so bad at all and in fact another spectacular Working Steam Weekend was the only thing that blew into town in the end!

The Weekend provided us with a rare opportunity to see a unique collection of steam-driven machines for ploughing, threshing and harvesting, all of which totally revolutionised farming. With the magnificent machines and engines brought in by the many exhibitors putting on such a fine display and the efforts of all the volunteers that freely gave their time to make such a great event just “happen”, we were definitely treated to a fantastic couple of days.

And so it was a no-brainer for me to agree to spend just a couple of hours on Saturday helping out in the refreshment tent to provide sustenance to our merry band of volunteers. And it would be wrong to single out anyone or any group of volunteers as everyone has a part to play in bringing the whole thing together to culminate in such a smoothly run and spectacular event.

While I was there it was another no-brainer to have a good look round at the exhibits to see some of these machines in action and try and hone some photographic skills again into the bargain. I am a pretty poor photographer but think even I managed to take some decent pictures of the day (it does help when you have some pretty stunning subjects – and that’s just the sheep !!)

So, thanks everyone, exhibitors and volunteers alike for providing such a great couple of days, here’s to the next one.

If you attended the Weekend or if anything has stirred an interest and you feel you may like to become a Mill Volunteer, please visit our website at https://www.stotfoldmill.com/volunteer/ and sign up. There’s something for everyone and opportunities to use current skills or learn new ones – we look forward to hearing from you.