In the world according to Wikipedia, Stotfold is described as follows:

“Stotfold is a small town and civil parish in Bedfordshire.  Stotfold is thought to have gained its name from the northern drovers breaking their journey south at this point on the A1 Great North Road and penning their horses (stots) in enclosures (folds) before continuing their journey southwards.”

So if all that is news to you (which am ashamed to say having lived in Stotfold for 35 years it was to me!) then there’s a really easy chance of redemption.  Just have a go at the Stotfold Mill Picture Quiz and prove your knowledge of our lovely town.

Put together especially for Stotfold Festival Week 2019, this photo based quiz will test your knowledge of various points of interest in and around Stotfold, all of which can be seen from public roads or footpaths.

If you missed the opportunity to pick up the quiz sheet don’t worry just check out Stotfold Mill Facebook and instagram posts where you can download a copy.

Answers will be posted on the Mill Noticeboard and Facebook on Sunday 23 June, so go on find out how well you know your Stotfold.