A rewarding and fun visit for everyone

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides are all welcome.

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Cubs, Beavers, Brownies & Rainbows

On a visit to Stotfold Watermill, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides can work towards aspects of many badges. This could occur both inside the Mill and in the Nature Reserve. PowerPoint Presentations, demonstration of milling, making flour using hand querns, activity sheets, Smart Board games, pond dipping, Nature I-spy sheets and chemical science activities are examples of what we have to offer. We can adapt to your suggestions and requirements. Suggestions for badges that could be covered by a visit are outlined below.

Cub Activity Badges

Local Knowledge Activity Badge

- Learn about a famous building of historical interest in your area and visit it.

Naturalist Activity Badge

- Learn how to identify six different living things from 2 categories e.g. trees, water birds, minibeasts and insects, pond dwellers, wild flowers.
- Over three months, visit the same natural area at least four times. Take a note of the changes in the plants and wildlife that you see.
- Create a piece of art using natural material.

Animal Carer Activity Badge

- Keep a record of bird, animal or insect life in your garden, local area, park (or nature reserve).                                  
- Keep pictures, sketches, photographs or audio recordings of them.

Our World Challenge Award                           

- Find out about services for people (e.g a museum) in your local area, and visit one.

- We can also offer science activity sessions.

Beaver Challenge Badges

My Adventure Challenge Badge 

- Take part in an outdoor activity e.g following a trail.

- Go on a ramble or nature walk.

My Outdoors Challenge Badge 

- Take part in an activity with natural things like leaves, bark, twigs, sand or rocks.
- Point out and name five different types of animals, insects, birds or fish and find out about the food they eat and the places they live.
- Make something to help animals in the wild – for example, a bird box or bug hotel.

My Skills Challenge Badge 

- Go to somewhere new and find out five facts about it.  

 My World Challenge Badge 

- Go pond dipping.

- Go on a mini-beast hunt.

- Try some leaf printing.


- We can also offer science activity workshops.


Open Dates & Times

Stotfold Watermill is a great day out for all the family and is open to the public on various dates throughout the year. The Nature Reserve which adjoins the Mill is open all year round.


Shop At The Mill

The Kingfisher Gift Shop stocks a selection of gift items suitable for all ages. It specialises in our own high quality stone-ground flour, which is recommended for making bread.


Join As A Volunteer

Our volunteer teams are the vital cogs that keep the Mill and Nature Reserve running. Can you spare some time to join the teams which enable us to open the Mill to visitors?