Although traditionally being celebrated on the evening before All Hallows’ Day (also known as Hallowmas apparently!) it’s never too early for a bit of Halloween fun and games so our spirits were definitely high as we made our way to Stotfold Mill on Saturday for the very first “Spooktacular”, myself, the son and the youngest granddaughter all keen to enjoy some ghoulish games. And all especially exciting since it is the first Halloween for our little one.

We had been forewarned that the afternoon had been transferred to the Mill since the weather was truly terrible and in fact this turned out to be great and only added to the Halloween atmosphere with lots of ghostly ghouls and decorations in the dark crevices and recesses of the Mill adding to the “spooktacle”.

We followed the ghoulish word-search and I was even persuaded to have a go at the doughnut-bobbing which was surprisingly difficult but obviously very well worth the effort. With time to admire the really creative pumpkins on display for the pumpkin carving competition and an opportunity for a tasty hot-dog, a great time was had by all 3 of us.

We were also delighted to learn that the Spooktacular at Stotfold Mill will be an annual event so we will definitely be looking forward to Halloween 2020.

Once again it should be said though that none of this would have been possible without the volunteers who gave up their time so freely to ensure that we, and all the other children and their families, had a great time so a hearty thanks to all those involved.