There are a number of reasons its great fun writing a blog for Stotfold Mill and Nature Reserve but gaining a few “brownie” points at home was not one that I had expected at all. Strange to say, though, that’s exactly what happened!

News reached me that the MG Owners Club would be visiting on 20 October and so mentioned this in passing to the husband who, being a proper car nerd, was absolutely delighted and promptly made a mental note of the date so that he could pop along and have a look.

Already on a roll and it being quite a nice day on Sunday, thought would take full advantage and magnanimously agreed to go along too. With dog in tow, we set off and to be fair I was actually listening to the husband’s interesting facts about MG’s on the way, although the only one that has stuck is that MG stands for Morris Garages (who knew!)

And that being said, when we arrived at Meadow 1 at Stotfold Nature Reserve and saw all the cars parked up it was actually a lovely sight and again, I really was genuinely interested in all the cars on display, both old and new. Naturally the husband had further information to impart about the iridescent paint colour on one of the cars that changed colour because of the heat and light. A long explanation of how that works ensued which unfortunately did not stick at all but hopefully as you will see from a couple of photos taken, the car did look pretty amazing.

It really is great to see events like this taking place at the Mill and hopefully as word gets around there will be many more different and exciting things to come. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as in the Stotfold News for all things Mill and Nature Reserve, we are trying very hard to keep you posted. And if there’s anything you’d like to see take place, why not drop us a line and let us know.