The Archive Group

The Archive Group was formed in April 2009, with the aim of gaining museum status for the Mill collections. As space is very limited, the group has concentrated on milling artefacts, memorabilia from the Randall family who ran the Mill in its heyday, and some tools and agricultural items with local connections.

Documents dating back to 1734 have been unearthed, many on parchment with the seals and signatures of people who lived and worked here over 200 years ago! Some of the originals are already on display on the first floor.

Miller’s Smock Display

The smock, displayed in its own cabinet on the first floor, has detailed panels of traditional ears of wheat and other items associated with milling, and is faithfully reproduced, even down to the hand-turned wooden buttons (fittingly made by Ray Kilby, the current miller at Stotfold Watermill). The material is a special hemp weave, which absorbs flour dust and would have provided the miller with extra warmth.