Stotfold Watermill Flour & Oats

The restored Stotfold Watermill  opened to the general public in 2006 when quality stone-ground flour was produced again for the first time in 40 years.

The milling  team is committed  to producing  a top quality product using grain sourced from a local farm on the Barton Hills. You can witness the traditional milling process in action during one of our open days, (water levels permitting). Milling times are posted on the board in the entrance.

This year a new wheat is making an appearance.  The Mill will be grinding Skyfall, which has a higher protein content  than Gallant, used last year , and should produce even better results when cooked. Recipe leaflets for bread, cakes and other goodies are available in the Shop.

Pick up a bag of Stotfold Mill flour from the Kingfisher Shop(same open times as the Mill) :

Plain Wholemeal Flour        £2.00 (per 1.5kg bag)
Plain Natural White Flour    £2.15 (per 1.5kg bag)

Bulk flour orders are available. For further information contact:

» Other Stockists of Stotfold Mill Flour:

Beale Brothers                Stotfold, Bedfordshire
Jordans Mill                    Langford, Bedfordshire
Summerhill Farm Shop   Cardington, Bedfordshire

Would you be interested in stocking our flour in your shop? If so please contact

» Stotfold Mill Oats

The Mill also produces jumbo rolled oats, a product full of healthy ingredients which makes excellent porridge. The oats have been shelled and lightly roasted before they arrive at the Mill, where they are processed using an historic piece of oat rolling machinery.  The oats are only sold through our Kingfisher Shop. £1.50 per 1kg bag.