Fun Stuff For Kids At The Mill

There are loads of things you can do while you are visiting Stotfold Watermill and Nature Reserve on our open Sundays:

» Can You Find All The Mice and Rats Who Live in The Mill?

You will have to look very carefully to find all the models of the mice and rats. Count them then jot the number down with your name and contact details and we will have a prize draw at the end  of June and September. Each winner will receive a Mill Goody Bag.  And don’t forget to pick up a sticker when you have completed the challenge.

» Grind Your Own Flour

Use our small querns, located on the first floor, and experience the thrill of grinding  your own flour which you can take home for family and friends to admire. If that has whetted your appetite then why not buy one of our bread-making kits for kids from our gift shop. Send us a picture of your baked  loaf and we will put it on our Facebook page.

» Milly Mouse Trail

Follow the trail answering the questions along the way. Pick upa trail sheet in the entrance (20p donation). The trail gives an insight into the milling process and the history of the Mill.

» Search for the Mystery Objects

I-Spy sheets available in the entrance (10p donation)

» Activities in the Ivel Room when there are no Exhibitions

Smart Board Games

Colouring mill Pictures

Dress up as a Miller or a Victorian maid

Build constructions using cogs and wheels

Role play using puppets based on the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’

Sorting Game based on different grains

Plaiting bracelets using wool