The Randall Family

In 1887, Stotfold born John Randall bought the mill after first renting it from Charles Vaughan. The bill of sale gives details of a very valuable dwelling house with cellars, outbuildings, stables and granary. Outside was a garden with orchards. Much of the mill’s development took place under John Randall’s ownership including the installation of a steam engine to increase the efficiency of the milling process.

In 1902, Ebenezer Randall, John’s son, built the Roller Mill, next door to the mill, to try to improve productivity.  However, it was too little too late and could not compete with the larger mills being built locally.  A diesel engine, fitted in 1954, to replace the steam engine, was another attempt to keep the Mill profitable – though by then its Derbyshire gritstones were only grinding grain for animal feed and the Mill ceased working entirely in 1966.