Risk Assesments

It is anticipated that schools will carry out their own risk assessments when planning a visit to Stotfold Mill and the following notes are intended to assist them in the process.

Health & Safety Information For Educational Establishments

This information is to provide schools with assistance when completing their risk assessments. It is designed only as a guide and we recommend that teachers make a pre-visit to Stotfold Watermill to carry out their own assessments.

Stotfold Watermill is a working mill and so during the visit machinery on all 3 floors will be working. There are fixed safety barriers to prevent access to these machines by the public. Students may undertake some hand grinding of corn using either large round stones or the hand quern. Mill guides will demonstrate how to use these ‘stones’ pointing out the dangers of misuse. This is a working mill, producing wholemeal flour so consideration must be given to persons who have breathing problems or allergies relating to this type of production.

The mill is situated on the river Ivel and it is possible to view the river by walking on the boardwalk from the stone (1st) floor. A notice by the door warns that the boardwalk may be slippery. The river is fenced off and a life ring and rope are also situated on the boardwalk.

To enter and exit the mill is via an unpaved road from the car park. Students need to be closely supervised both in the car park and along the road.

During a visit to the mill teachers are responsible for supervising their students and ensuring appropriate behaviour at all time. When touring the mill groups are divided into manageable numbers, each with a mill guide. Floors are linked by a lift for the disabled and infirm.

Two toilets will be available and an eating area is also available to the group. First aid facilities are minimal and you are advised to have appropriate supplies for you visit.

A mill guide who will highlight safety precautions, which must be considered when gaining safe access to the building, will meet groups in the car park or outside the mill.

There will be a minimum of three guides, with experience in the field of education, the supervision of young people and emergency safety procedure within the mill premises.

Nature Reserve

The mill has a nature reserve of 8 acres adjacent to an unfenced River Ivel. An interesting 1 mile walk on grass, which is uneven in places, with boardwalks in soft areas. If access is undertaken strict high ratio adult supervision is required and mill guide(s) will be on hand to assist. Safety and advisory information will be supplied. Shelter from adverse weather conditions is limited and appropriate clothing must be worn.