Educational Visits at The Mill

Stotfold Watermill and Nature Reserve welcomes groups of schoolchildren, students of all ages and youth groups.

It provides an opportunity to see a working mill in action and to follow the traditional processes of converting grain into stoneground flour and the production of oats.

The Education Team, with experience of teaching in schools from 4 to 18 years old, has developed a variety of programmes that can be adapted to the age, interests and needs of the visiting group, these could include:

  • For Younger Children – Storytime about Mills and Milling with The Little Red Hen and Milly the Mouse.
  • Science and Technology – Cogs and Gears a practical experience.
  • Our Food – From Grain to Flour.
  • The Story of Stotfold Mill – It’s place in the community.
  • Structures and Building – and much, much more…

In addition, parties have the opportunity to extend their learning experience by exploring the adjacent Nature Reserve, comprising eight acres of water meadows and ponds, with its array of wildlife. In inclement weather we have standby activities if needed.

Learning at the mill can be supported, before or after the visit, by the use of our Loan boxes of resource materials.